Events February 21, 2024

Kicking Off 2024 with Vision

  I recently had the opportunity to host my annual Vision Board and Vino Event.  This event started back in 2018 and has evolved over the years to include past and current clients, colleagues, fellow Realtors, Strategic Partners and friends. It has been held in a variety of spaces from humble beginnings in my office conference room, to a winery basement cellar, a local marina and this year at Arts & Connection.

What may you ask is a Vison Board and why  would you make one?

A Vision Board is a picture board of various photos and words, cut from magazines and glued to cardboard. It can have a specific theme, such as work, hobbies, pets, home, etc. Or  it can be a collage of anything you find interesting.  The idea is to let your creative mind flow, while socializing and meeting other women.

This years event was a great success and I look forward to hosting more! What is your vision for 2024? Home ownership? Selling and moving someplace new? Perhaps a vacation home or golf condo in a destination you enjoy? If you are considering BUYING OR SELLING in 2024 (or know somebody who is) I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your options. I can assist you all over the region, the state of Michigan and even the country, as I am connected to passionate Realtors all over the map.  Cheers to a great 2024 for you!